Niall Grimes has been a writer, photographer and public speaker for almost 15 years. He has been a regular contributor to climbing magazines worldwide, including High, Summit, On the Edge and Climb (UK), Rock and Ice and Climbing (US), Klettern (Germany) and the Irish Mountain Log.

The last ten years has seen him co-ordinate guidebooks for the British Mountaineering Council and he was responsible for the Burbage, Millstone and Beyond guide which won the Mountain Exposition Award at the Banff Mountain Book Festival in 2006. In 2009 he won the Grand Prize at Banff for the book Revelations, co-authored with Jerry Moffatt.

Niall grew up in Derry, Northern Ireland, and began climbing in 1986. After several years spent on his local Irish crags, exploring and new routing in his favourite area, Donegal, he left to climb further afield. After stints in France, Spain, America and the Himalaya, he moved to Sheffield, on the edge of the Peak District, where he lives to this day.

He has climbed extensively, both at home and abroad, enjoying all facets of the sport. He has led up to E8 on traditional routes and bouldered up to 7B+, as well as new routing expeditions to Greenland and Kyrgyzstan.